Creating Podcasts
Date of training session: October 13, 2010 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. in PAHS Dell Lab 216
Session Description:
Creating Podcasts
Podcasts, audio or video, offer teachers and students a way to present information using multimedia. Learn how to create these digital stories to add to your Moodle course, your website, blog, or your wiki. Students can create podcasts as projects about concepts or as a way to showcase knowledge and understanding. Create podcasts with a variety of online software as well as using Windows MovieMaker or iMovie.
Note: Since iMovie will be a future educational technology professional development session, this session will concentrate on using Windows MovieMaker to create podcasts.

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What is a podcast? - University of Houston
What are the different types of podcasts
Why use podcasts in the classroom?
Why should students create podcasts in the classroom? -
How are podcasts planned?
How are podcasts produced (created) in Windows MovieMaker?
How are podcasts published?
How are podcasts promoted?
What are some great examples of podcasts?

Introduction Video - Podcasts in Plain English by Common Craft

Why Use Podcasts in the Classroom?

Video in Demand: Why Students Learn More with Podcasts
Action! Student-Generated Video Website Teaches Visual Communication Skills by Denise Harrison, t|h|e Journal
The Vod Couple by Dian Shaffhauser
Districts Turn to Push Technology to Engage Parents, Community and Kids by LIsa Fratt
Film School Online: Film Education Looks Promising on the World Wide Web - an article about film-making in the classroom
Tips for Digital Storytelling - an article with tips on how to create effective digital stories
Ten Top Filmmaking Tips - an article with ten great tips for creating short films
Expanding the Concept of Literacy - by Elizabeth Daley on multimedia literacy
Rationale for Multimedia Use & Instruction in the Classroom - multimedia transforms the classroom for learning

Examples of Podcasts

Audio Podcasts - .m4a, .mp3, .mov, .mp4, .m4v, and .pdf. formats
Fifth Graders Podcast to the World - Mr. Roepke's class podcasts to communicate globally
Library of Congress - Podcasts about Digital Preservation
80 Excellent Podcasts for Every Kind of Classroom - by Grammar Girl blog
University of Houston iTunes - Listen to podcasts of University of Houston courses
Learn Business English
Terry Freedman's Educational Technology Podcast
EcoKids Adventures - students ages 7-12
The Dr. C & Elwood Show - a podcast to be shared by parents and their children who suffer from ADHD
TourCaster - tour destinations by audio podcast
iaudioguide- tour guide podcasts for your iPhone or mp3 player
NASA Student Opportunities Podcasts
CNN Student News Podcasts
NC State Student Podcasts

Video Podcasts - .mov, wmv, mp4, .avi formats
CNN Student News Video Podcasts
Of the Student, By the Student, For the Student - Harpers Ferry by the National Park Service
ACTFL Student Video Podcast Contest
GCSU Student iPod Projects

Enhanced Podcasts
NIH (National Institutes of Health) Enhanced Podcasts
NC State Student Podcasts

Screencast Podcasts
Learn Chinese
Getting Up and Running with Jing



What's the topic of your podcast?
What is the intention of your podcast?
Who is your audience?
What's the format of your podcast?
How long will each episode be?
How often are you going to release new shows?

Write the script.
Using a Storyboard is the Best way to plan a video, enhanced, or screencast podcast!


Applications to Create Podcasts

Audio Podcasts

Video Podcasts

Enhanced Podcasts

Screencast Podcasts


Our Media - Powering Change Through Environmental Media
How to Make a iPod Video File by
Use the Web 2.0 tool site's functionality to publishyour podcasts
Place your podcasts on your wikis, blogs, and websites and invite stubscribers with feed options
Feedburner -give visitors option to subscribe
Feed Icons
Feedreader - podcast reader
Feedreader3 - Download Feedreader3
iTunes - podcast reader


Enablr - make your podcasts searchable and accessible
Add the correct tags to increase searchability
Save your podcast URL in your social bookmarking accounts
Upload your podcasts to iTunes; use the correct tags - The Complete Guide to iTunes Podcasts - How to Publish your Podcasts on iTunes
Use the Web 2.0 tool site's functionality to promote your podcasts

Podcasts Resources

Tech How To: Podcasts by Scholastic - Six Sure Steps
Podcast Central
Learning with Podcasting
Teens & Literature - a lesson on ReadWriteThink creating podcasts with literature

Web 2.0 Tools to Create Podcasts

evoca - empower your voice
Vocaroo - record your voice; easy to embed to Moodle & blogs
Chirbit - record, upload, and share your audio easily

Live Broadcasting


Texts to Broadcasts


Listen to Podcasts on your Phone


Podcasts to Text

Casting Words - turn your podcasts into text

Phone in Your Podcasts


Create Enhanced Podcasts


Host Your Podcasts (some with subscribing)


Podcasts Search Engines

Podcast Directory List - hundreds of Podcast directory links!!!!

Windows MovieMaker Readings & Resourses

What is Windows MovieMaker?
How to Create a Podcast or Movie Using Windows MovieMaker - 12 steps
Get Started with MovieMaker -from Microsoft
Windows MovieMaker2 How-to Guide

How to edit digital video with //Windows Movie Maker 2
Windows XP Creativity Fun Pack for MovieMaker Download
Windows MovieMaker - an article on why to use MovieMaker in the classroom - constructivism learning model
Using Windows MovieMaker to Create an Audio Podcast
Creating an Enhanced Podcast with MovieMaker by vkelly131
Create a Movie with Moviemaker

Media for Podcasts - Graphics, Sound, & Music

Copyright Friendly & Copy-left Images & Sound for Students to Use in School Projects - always teach to give attribution to the person who created the work
Flickr Storm - Click on Advanced and search for Creative Commons works
Vozme - Text to mp3

Copyright & Fair Use

The Educator's Guide to Copyright and Fair Use - A five-part series

Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines for Teachers Chart (PDF) from Technology & Learning Magazine


Windows Live MovieMaker Teacher Guide to Get Started

Windows MovieMaker Instruction Sheet

Creating a Video Podcast Using a Windows PC

Making an Enhanced Podcast using a Windows PC

Creating Podcasts presentation

Creating Podcasts Notepages


Creating Podcasts Evaluation Survey

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