Digital Storytelling

Date of training session: October 5, 2010 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. in PAHS Dell Lab 216
Session Description:
Digital Storytelling
Digital Storytelling is an excellent way to engage students and teachers. Digital storytelling is taking a story line and combining a variety of available multimedia tools, including graphics, audio, video animation, and web publishing to tell a story the 21st century way for our millennial students. Learn how to create a digital story using an online book, an interactive story, comic creator, and a screencast. Podcasts is another method of digital storytelling, which is offered in the Creating Podcasts technology training session.



Our millennial students process information in a different way then their predecessors. If given a presentation slide with a graphic and text, the millennial student looks at the graphic first, then reads the text, and deciphers how the text fits the graphic. The predecessors look at the same presentation slide and read the text first, and then decide how the graphic fits the text. Given this natural tendency to rich multimedia stimuli, providing students with digital stories will give them exactly what they want: the motivation, the stimulation, the revelation of the creation of a digital story. Want to take a

Essential Questions:

What is a digital story?
How is a digital story created?
What are the different types of digital stories?
Why create digital stories for the classroom?
Where do we find media (graphics, sound, music, video, animation) for our digital stories?
How does digital storytelling connect to best practices for the students' benefit?

The Many Rich Components of Multimedia....the Building Blocks to a Digital Story

Classroom Examples:
Digital Stories in ePortfolio form - by Dr. Helen Barrett
Story Corps - the conversation of a lifetime
VoiceThread examples - across levels and disciplines
A higher ed example - Full Circle
Sample Stories by Students found on the Digital Storytelling Site
Celebrate Oklahoma Voices - a digital community empowering digital witnesses of Oklahoma oral history
Great Book Stories - from ListenandSee by Wesley Fryer
A Gallery of Teacher Stories by mkearny
iStory - interactive story telling environment for the iPhone
BBC Home Digital Stories
Center for Digital Storytelling
Digi Tales Digital Stories
My Career Journey - a Voicethread I created and collaborated with my middle school students in 2007.
Student Digital Story Examples from Visalia Unified School District

Digital Storytelling Assignments:

Ideas for Digital Stories Across the Curriculum - Digital Directors Guild

Sites to Use to Create Digital Stories:

Here are many sites to create digital stories in various forms: still comics, animated cartoons, videos, podcasts, threads, picture stories, and more!
CogDogRoo - 50 Storytelling Sites ; by Alan Levine
More CogDogRoo Storytelling Sites - these sites giving you both or one option - download links or embedding code; by Alan Levine
FreeTech4Teachers - Video Creation Resources by Richard Byrne
VoiceThreads in Education - full of ideas, resources, and links about using VoiceThreads in digital storytelling
Using VoiceThreads in Digital Conversations - collaborative story telling
VoiceThread Examples in the Classroom Articles by Edutopia
VoiceThread Resources - by Cybraryman
Creaza - Wow! This site has it all! - Movie Creator, Audio Creator, MindMap Maker, & Cartoon Creator.

Comics ~

MakeBelief Comics
Pixton for Schools
Garfield Creator
Super Hero Squad
Witty Comics

Animated Cartoons ~

DoInk - Create animations with a vector editor
Xtranormal - short animated videos where you are the director, the cameraman, and more!

Videos ~

Windows Live MovieMaker in the Classroom - see Creating Podcasts Educational Technology Training Session in this wiki
Apple iMovie - see Creating Podcasts Educational Technology Training Session in this wiki

Create your own video slideshow at

eBooks ~


SlideShows ~

MS PowerPoint

Screencasts ~


The Oddballs ~

Using VoiceThread: A Guide for Educators by Suzie Vesper

Different Ways to Publish Online ~

Folding Story - a writing game where students take turns writing a line of prose
Ficly - microfiction in a collaborative way
Fabulate - a collaborative book project
Wikistory = wiki + stories
One Million Monkeys Typing - Threaded discussions galore!
Story Mash - the future of collaborative fiction
Novlet - collaborative writing in passages in any language

Digital Story Process


Connect Digital Storytelling to Best Practices:

Jake's Online - Digital Storytelling: What Do Students Really Learn?
Seven Things You Should Know About Storytelling by
Transmedia Storytelling: A New Media Literacy by TeachStory
Standards-Proof Your Digital Story Efforts by David Jakes

What to Do with Those Digital Stories After You are Done:

My Little Book Project
StoryBird - Collaborative storytelling
100 Video Sites That Every Teacher Should Bookmark

Digital Storytelling Resources:

Digital Directors Guild - This site is chock full of great resources!!!
Jake's Online Digital Storytelling resources
The Competitive Voice - David Jake's blog on digital storytelling

Media Files - Both Public Domain and Licensed for Reuse:

Mulimedia ~

My Media Collection on my Teacher Website
CogDogRoo StoryMedia - sites for media that is licensed or shared for permission to reuse; by Alan Levine
30+ Places to Find Creative Commons Media
Best Sites to Find Images & Sounds for Student Projects by Mrs. Smoke

Images ~

Dreamstimes - for free stock images and photos
FlashEarth - Create pictures like GoogleEarth by centering an image, taking a printscreen, paste into Paint, select the area you want to crop out the "unwanted" and then save as a jpg to use in your virtual field trip; click on MS labels on left hand side and type address in Place to Explore:
Kitzu - copyright-free pictures, movies, and music
4 Free Photos
Flickr Creative Commons

Music & Sound ~

Blabberize - make your pictures talk
Vozme - turn text to speech
GCast - record your voice and create an mp3 file
Internet Archive
CCMixter - Creative Commons music files
CC Search - by Creative Commons
JamStudio - create your own music
Jamendo - free music
Jitterbug - music designed for elementary children
Kitzu - copyright-free pictures, movies, and music
EducationalRap - rap songs to learn concepts
Moby Gratis
Jonathan Roberts
Jimmy Gelhaar

Sound ~

Sound Effects
Absolute Sound Effects Archive
The Free Sound Project

Narration ~

Audacity - audio editor
Vozme - text to speech
iSpeech - text to speech
Audioboo - record your voice on phone or web

Picture Editors ~

Picnik - photo editor
Stupeflix - photo editor

Music Editors ~

Audacity - audio editor

WOW Sites ~

Aviary Tools - Vector editor, music editor, screencasts, image editor, plus more!
Hexadecimal Color Codes

Media Converters ~


How To Convert File Formats

Copyright & Fair Use in the Classroom Chart for Teachers:

Copyright & Fair Use Guidelines for Teachers Chart
Stanford University Copyright & Fair Use Resource

Sites to Publish Video Digital Stories:


Rubrics ~

Digi Tales Scoring Rubric Maker
Digi Tales Peer Reviews
Digital Storytelling Rubric Criteria - discussion on evaluation a digital story

More Digital Storytelling Resources

Digital Storytelling Resources - articles, resources, examples, and links on digital storytelling
Digital Storytelling: Using Technology to Tell Stories - how to create great writers using technology in the classroom
Digital Storytelling - chock full of digital storytelling samples, links, tutorials, resources, and more!
Bridges to Understanding - bridging countries together using digital storytelling
Digital Kids Club - tips, lessons, activities, and more from Adobe
Integrating Digital Storytelling in the Classroom - not specific to MovieMaker, but great digital storytelling resources
Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling by Bernard R. Robin, Ph.D., College of Education, University of Houston
Digital Storytelling by David Brear full of links, assignments, sample videos, etc. A great resource!!!

In session, we created digital stories using the following sites:

  • Strip creator - still comic strip
  • Xtranormal - animated video
  • Dvolver - animated video
  • Mixbook - ebook
  • Animoto - picture show
  • Voicethread - digital story with collaboration


Digital Director's Guild - Digital Movie Storyboard

Resources from Training:

Windows Live MovieMaker Get Started

Digital Storytelling Notepages

Digital Storytelling training session presentation

Digital Storytelling Session Evaluation Link


Digital Director's Guild - by Jana Kopilova

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