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Date of training session: November 16, 2010 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. in PAHS Dell Lab 216
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Google Docs
GoogleDocs is free, online, and taking the business and education sectors by storm. Discover how to teach students collaboration and interactivity in producing digital files that are created by more than one student. Learn how to create documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and forms.

external image 4083906765_2e0d36aebe.jpg Essential Questions:

What are GoogleDocs? Google Docs Website - "create and share your work online with Google Docs"
How can each application in GoogleDocs be used?
How can GoogleDocs be used in the classroom?

"Google Docs is a free web-based word processing and spreadsheet program that lets you create and edit documents from anywhere and collaborate with multiple people at the same time. You can take advantage of Google Docs to coordinate your student group's homework assignments, access your family to-do list from work or home, or work with remote colleagues on a new business plan. Import existing documents, spreadsheets and presentations, or create new ones from scratch. To invite people to view or edit a document, simply add their email addresses to the list of viewers or collaborators. Take a peek at how a document is shaping up, or contribute your thoughts to a draft in progress. Keep track of multiple versions in one place -- with an easy drop-down menu that shows who changed what, and when. If you would like to keep a copy on your hard drive, you can export to a number of popular formats (DOC, XLS, ODT, ODS, HTML, PDF, etc.). Or, easily publish your work to a web page or blog for the world to see."

Excerpt from:

Google Docs & Best Practices

Google Docs Overview for Educators - a presentation by Google

Blogs? Wikis? & Docs? Chart - Which one is right for your lesson?
Google Docs & Best Practices by

Resources and Tutorials for Google Docs

Google Docs Instructions - from my Emerging Technologies Seminar at Bloomsburg University, June 2009

How to Use Google Docs

Google Docs Documents Help
Google Docs Spreadsheet Help
Google Docs Presentation Help
Google Docs Form Help
Google Docs Drawing Help
Getting Started with Google Docs - lessons, links, activities, and more!
Take a Tour of Google Docs - by Google
Google Docs Tips to Master Presentations, Spreadsheets - a presentation tutorial that provides good advice to create awesome Google Docs!
Google Docs & Spreadsheets in the Classroom - by WestEd for Google
Google Docs Support - by Google
Google Docs YouTube Channel - by Google
Google Apps Webinars - from universities & colleges
Google Apps in Education - from Around the Corner -
Using Google Docs in the Classroom is as Simple as ABC -
What's New in Google Docs
Mary Fran's Google Docs Tutorials - a Google certified teacher
100 Great Google Docs Tips for Students & Teachers by Accredited Online Colleges

Ways to Use Google Docs in the Classroom

Google Docs in Plain English - video by Common Craft; Lee LeFever
Create ePortfolios with Google Docs - scroll down on this chart to Google Docs document in the Tool Column to find a sample ePortfolio & instructions!
Improve the Writing Process in Google Docs - by Google Have students check their readability (grade level) scores by looking a Word Count in Google Doc (need to do this in older version of Google Docs -> Go to Settings > Editing > decheck to automatically create documents in newer version
Google Docs in the Classroom: Teacher & Student Tools - a video by Lauren Grossberg, posted July 16, 2010
Translation Tools in Google Docs - perfect for the Language Learning classroom
Google Tools for School - a great online resource full of links, information, videos and files, created by a Google Certified Teacher, Jennifer Dorman
Google Classroom Activities & Lessons (K-5th grades) - found on the Google Site All Grades
Google Classroom Activities & Lessons (6th-12th grades) - found on the Google site
PETE+C - IU13 Wiki - Google Docs Activities
Classroom Collaboration Posts - found on the Electric Educator Blog
Add Footnotes to Documents - Teach with lesson on plagiarism, copyright, and citation; give attribution to images and content used in file (under Insert menu)
Using Templates with Students Video - created by TechSmith
Use colors and columns to document revisions inside a document ---> Look at this example by Tom Barrett
For Adding Inline Videos in Chat window inside Presentations: YouTube GoogleVideo
For Adding Inline Images in Chat inside Presentations: PicasaWeb Flickr Creative Commons
Teaching Collaborative Revision Using Google Docs
Using Google Docs for Teachers
Docs & Spreadsheets in the Classroom by Esther Wojcicki
Create Student Drop Boxes by Mr. VonBank
Introducing Google Docs to the Class by
Google Docs are a Free Educational Tool by David R. Wetzel - scroll down on this page for ideas for the classroom

Examples of Documents Created with Google Docs

Depth of Knowledge Levels - graphic organizer for teachers
Docs for Teachers by Google
Google Presentations by Vicki
What is Web 2.0 Google Presentation
Spreadsheet for Class Input
Islamic Architecture by Google Docs
Group Presentation on Ancient Egypt by Google Docs
Holocaust Media Presentations by Google Docs
Rain Gauge by Google Docs
Ocean Lab by Google Docs
Label the Bird by Google Docs
Final Exam Review by Google Docs
Science Wiki filled with Google Docs
uTeach with Technology - full of templates for you to use
Zach & Daisy Children's Book by Megan Noble
History Unsolved Mysteries by Mrs. Hartman
Best Practices in Bullying Prevention by Stan Davis

Google Docs Gabbers!

Google Docs Blog - by Google; full of information, tips, and advice on use
10 Reasons Why to Use Google Docs - by Robert McGarvey
What's New at Google Docs - 2010 changes! - by Google
A New Google Docs - found on the Google Docs blog about the new 2010 changes!
What Every Teacher Should Know About Google - by David R. Wetzel, January 3, 2010

Think About...

Google Apps for School - cloud computing at its best, with security!
Turn Your Images into Spreadsheet Art - a fun way to use the Google Docs spreadsheet for a collaborative art project
Digital Inspiration with Google Docs - do CRAZY Things with Google Docs!
Introduce Google Drawing - found on the Google Docs blog
Google Apps Lesson Plans for your School - found on the Google website

How to Embed a Google Doc into your Wiki/Blog/Website

  1. How to Embed Google Doc HTML Code
  2. Embedding a Spreadsheet in your Wiki/Blog/Website
  3. Embedding a Google Doc in a Google Site Page - by Wesley Fryer, Moving at the Speed of Creativity

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