Incorporating 21st Century Skills in Classroom

Date of training session: October 26, 2010 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. in PAHS Dell Lab 216
Session Description:
Incorporating 21st Century Skills in the Classroom
Students need to develop 21st century skills to "survive and thrive" in their future. But, who has time to teach 21st century skills when we have so much to teach in 21st.jpgour content areas? Learn how to integrate that 21st century skills exposure and development into instruction, learning, and assessment inside your curriculum, so students can be productive, resourceful, and confident at school, work, and home.

Essential Questions:

What are 21st century skills?
Why is it important for our students to develop 21st century skills?
How do we teach 21st century skills to students?
What are the most important 21st century skills to teach?

21st Century Skills Resources:

The Partnership for 21st Century Skills
21st Century Teaching: Related Resources (wiki by Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach)
Route 21: Building 21st Century Skills by
21st Century Learning in Schools: A Case Study in of New Technology High School in Napa, CA
Technology in the Middle - 21st Century Literacy: 21st Century Learning
21st Century Classroom Demonstrates Model Learning Environment by Laurie Caldwell
Measuring 21st Century Skills
21st Century Skills Assessment
21CntClrmLayoutMed.pngWhat is Learning in the 21st Century? by Nancy Stuewe

21st Century Skill Set

Technology in Schools: What Does the Research Say? - Cisco & the Metri Group, 2009

Authentic Learning for the 21st Century: An Overview by Marilyn Lombardi

enGauge 21st Century Skills: Literacy in the Digital Age by the Metiri Group - Cheryl Lemke, Ed Coughlin, Dr. Vandana Thandani, & Chrystal Martin

21st Century Skills: How Do We Get There? by galushaj

Six Design Principles of a 21st Century High School
The Six Design Principles of a 21st Century High School

New Literacies for the 21st Century Learner by Curriculum 2.0 Wiki

The Power of Multimedia


SnagLearning - educational videos by level or discipline


Soft Skill Activities:

Observance ~ Listening ~ Keen on the Senses

Pay Attention to Detail - Teach active observing; noticing the world around you

Active Listening

Drawing Board - Teach active listening

Time Management

Rocks in a Jar - Time Management
Time Management & Leaders - Click on this link for great information on time savers and time depleters; scroll down to Big Rock of Time and do this experiment with your students - a manager from Nike did this with his top executives and when I read the article, I began this soft skill drill in my classroom.

Empathy ~ Personal Interaction

What does Hair Have to Do with It? - Acceptance of differences and diversity

Team-building Skills

Bush Sports - team-building activities for your students

Roles - How do they affect how people interact with, view, and treat you?

Reading, Paraphrasing, Predicting - 21st Century Literacy Skills

Ring Around the Research - Teach active listening, reading, paraphrasing, and predicting - Have a group of three or four; determine a reader, a paraphraser, and a predictor. Distribute an article that ties into your curricular content, have the reader read it to his/her group, have all students actively listen, have the paraphraser paraphrase the article for the class and have the predictor predict what will be the "sequel" of the article; or suggest future research. It is also a way to cover a number of different articles with a class. Have each group read and present the article to the class.

Media Literacy:

My Media Collection on my Teacher Website


NMSA 2010 Conference - When They're Not Looking....Throw in 21st Century Skills!

Incorporating 21st Century Skills into the Curriculum Notepages


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Incorporating 21st Century Skills into the Curriculum Educational Technology Training Professional Development Evaluation Survey

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