LFS & Technology Connections

Date of training session: November 18, 2010 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. in PAHS Dell Lab 216 LFS_and_Tech.jpg
Session Description:
LFS & Technology Connections
Learn how to integrate technology into your instruction and assessment to satisfy the components of any LFS lesson plan. Understand what technology tools, software, and media work well as essential questions, word walls, graphic organizers, activating strategies, teaching strategies, extended thinking, culminating projects, and summarizing activities. Combine your curriculum, LFS lesson plans, and technology into one rich environment for your students.

Learning-Focused School Site

Essential Questions:

  1. Why connect technology with Learning-focused Schools philosophy?
  2. How can we connect technology to the different six steps in Learning-focused Schools lesson plans with these LFS components?
    1. Essential Questions
    2. Activating Thinking
    3. Acceleration/Previewing
    4. Reading Strategies
    5. Teaching Activities/Strategies
    6. Summarizing Strategies
    7. Extending/Refining Activities
    8. Assessment
    9. Re-teaching Focus & Strategy
    10. Differentiation
    11. Acquisition Lessons
    12. Word Walls
    13. Graphic Organizers
LFS + Technology = 21st Century Teaching & Learning
LFS Lesson Plan Component
Technology Integration Method
Web Resources
Essential Questions
Display Inquiry *
Inquiry Audio !
Wall Wisher *
AssignADay *
Glogster *
Blabberize !
Vocaroo !
Vozme !
Activating Thinking
Check for prior knowledge *
Get their attention %
Activate thoughts/ideas #
Online Discussions +
Student Polls ~
Motion Picture Snippets !
Wall Wisher *
Xtranormal %
Yodio #
DiscoveryStreaming #
Moodle +99 Polls ~PollEverywhere ~ Free Plan (30 respondents maximum per survey)AFI !
Online Flashcards ^
Video Movie*
Create Lists of Vocabulary Words ~
Online Discussions +
Moodle Glossary in Moodle ^ Discussions +
Brainflips ^
Quizlet ^
Free ESL Flashcards ^
APlus Math ^
Study Shack ^
Scholastic ^
Xtranormal *
Ta-da Lists ~ When placing a link on your web page of a word wall, customize the size of the
window that shows the word wall to only the size of the word wall. See example (Example is resized
in my Moodle)
Reading Strategies
Student Interactives ^
Concept Mapping *
English Conventions &
ReadWriteThink Classroom Resources ^
CMaps * Requires a download; great for AP & High school level
ThinkMap Visual Thesaurus *
Mindomo *
Frank Asch Interactive Readers ^
Adjectives Applet &
Scriblink ^ See example Place link on your webpage for students to join or have student groups. You can also have students print it out. See File to Print. Go to File on this Wiki.
Teaching Activities/Strategies
Tour Destinations !
Collaborative Notes #
Webinar with BackChannel ^
Digital Poster *
Digital Storytelling @
Create Webpages %
Digital Writing Prompts ?
Web Quests ?
Virtual Field Trips >
Scavenger Hunts <
Timelines ()
Podcasts & Audio Files ""
Online Books }
Global Collaboration ]
Backchannels ~
Visual Literacy +
Online Discussions =
Presentations X
Screenprints TT
Videos Q
Voicethread @
Glogster *
Webnode %
The Brainstormer ?
Moodle =
Zoho Show ^ ~
Google Docs Presentations ^ ~
NoteMesh #
Google Earth!
TrackStar ?
Thinkports >
iAdventures >
Blabberize @
Middle School Hunts <
Blackwell's Best Trips <
TechTrekers <
Filamentality >
Tikatok @
Web Quests ?
Quest Garden ?Lit2Go ""
100 Free Online Books Everyone Should Read }
ePals ]
Mapwing >
Chatzky ~
Dipity ()
Capzles ()Picnik + AudioPal ""
Ahead X
Prezi X
Alefo TT
Khan Academy - A Math, Science, Engineering, & Finance Dream!
Website creation !
Content creation @
Video Podcasts $
Biographies ^
Collaboration with Group Projects +
Plays ?
Comic creation =
Feedback ~
Audion Podcasts &
Weebly !
Wikispaces @
Windows MovieMaker $
iMovie $ iMovie
Moodle ~
The Biography Maker ^
ThinkFold +
Exhibit !
WebPlay ?
Animoto $
Masher $
Pixton =
Kerpoof $ - Great for elementary students. No name registration.
Parental Consent email example
Comic creator =
Toondoo =
Bubblr =
Comiqs =
Simply box @
Museum box
Stupeflix $
Animasher $
Answer Garden ~
Wallwisher ~
Vocaroo & - add the widget to your website or
Moodle site for students to record their voice (podcast)
Summarizing Strategies
Audio Podcasts @
Wikis #
Blogs %
Course Management System
Mapmaker & other Digital Photo Projects +
Student Debates !
Online Discussions =
Blogger %
CoverItLive %
BigHugeLabs +
Vocaroo @
Audacity @
Podomatic @
Wikispaces #
Moodle =
Debate Graph !
aMap !
Extending/Refining Activities
Abstracting !
Comparing/Contrasting @
Classifying/Categorizing #
Constructing Support $
Analyzing Perspectives %
Inductive Reasoning ^
Deductive Reasoning &
Error Analysis *
ReadWriteThink @ BioCube is a great example. Creates a biography cube that you can print and put together.
Google Docs forms @ $ ^ &
Wallwisher@ # % ^ &
Waxxi @ # $ % ^ &
Cacoo $
Dropmind * & ^
Re-Teaching Focus & Strategy
Lesson recording ~
Audio Podcasts of Lesson @
MoodleAudioPal @
Camstudio ~
Vocaroo @
Audacity @
Podomatic @
Translators *
Teacher Resources %
Integrating Technology into Research-based Strategies %
Discipline or Learning Support Specific &
Assistive Technology !
Screen Prints $
BabelFish *
Cited for Teachers %
Focus on Effectiveness %
Technology Tips for DI %
The Resource Room &
Accessibar !
Alefo $
Acquisition Lessons
Concept Maps*
Brainstorming @
Writing & Typing Tools ~
DrawAnywhere *
Mindmeister *
Bubbl.us @
The Brainstormer @
Gliffy *
Creately *
View Your Mind*
Pinball @
AIType ~
Word Wall
Organize words!
Word Clouds ^
Note: Wordle trick with sentences put a ~ (tilde) in between each word so there are no spaces-leaves multiple-words terminology, phrases, or sentences intact.
The Alphabetizer !
Wordle ^
Tagxedo ^
WordSift ^
Yippy Cloud Creator ^
Word Mosaic ^
Word It Out ^
Tagul ^
ABCya Word Clouds ^
Wordnik ^
Graphic Organizers
Graphic organizers for all disciplines and purposes!
Education Middle School Place Graphic Organizers by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Teachnology Graphic Organizers
ABC Teach Graphic Organizers
Specific Graphic Organizers to fit your instructional needs
Fantastic Flexible Foldables
Label Me Printouts
Graphic Organizers
Graphic Organizer Links
Holt Interactive Graphic Organizers an excellent resource!
Rubric for Graphic Organizers
Interactive Graphic Organizers

Technology Integration

12 Essentials for Technology Integration - found on A. Kipta's blog
Web 2.0 Tools categorized for teachers with use and intention in mind; by Hammari
Digital Media Resources plus a Whole Lot More! - by The Lee's Summit R-7 School District
Digital Media Resources for Teachers - by Dr. Alice Christie
Ways to Anchor Technology in your Classroom Tomorrow - byJessica Belmont
Arkive - the storehouse of awesome media!

Top 100 Tech Tools for Learning - 2011 List!!!!!!!

Free Federal Resources for Educational Excellence - teaching resources from US Department of Education
Teen Literature and Technology - from ReadWriteThink
Web 2.0 Cool Tools for Schools wiki - byLenva Shearing
Go to Web 2.0 - a large array of Web 2.0 tools
Edu Techer - a GREAT resource of links to Web 2.0 tools by discipline
Discovery Education Web 2.0 Tools
Technology Integrations for Math - by Computing Technology for Math Excellence, Part I
Technology Integrations for Math - by Computing Technology for Math Excellence, Part II
Reading & Writing Resources by 21st Century Lit.org

Best Practices when Entwining LFS & Technology

Learning-focused Schools Strategies Enhanced with Integrated Technologies - by Web 2.0 Guru wiki
Alignment of What Works in Schools and Learning Focused Schools - Marzano (Learning Styles) & Thompson (LFS)

Enhancing LFS Strategies with Instructional Techology

**Defining a 21st Century Education** - by Dr. Craig D. Jerald, for the Center for Public Education; every 21st Century Teacher should read this report!!!!

Resources for Connecting Technology and Learning-Focused Schools Lesson Components:

PETE+C ~Partners: LFS & Technology by Michelle Krill
Learning-Focused Schools Connections with Integrated Technology - from the Web 2.0 Guru wiki
Why Should Students Summarize - by Linda's Tips
Math Learning-Focused School Unit Plans, Lesson Plans, Graphic Organizers, etc. - by Janna Beanblossom
Depth of Knowledge Levels - graphic organizer for teachers
Best Practice Videos - all of these strategies can incorporate technology to be high-tech effective in the classroom in your LFS lesson plans
LFS & Technology Integration - by the Central Dauphin School District, south central PA
Michelle Krill Workshops Wiki - LFS and technology


SAS - Integrating Technology into your Instruction and your Students' Learning; K-12 standards
NETS for Students - by ISTE (International Society of Technology Education)
NETS for Students - by ISTE (International Society of Technology Education)
How to Implement the NETS - by ISTE Wiki

21st Century Skills Literacy

Partnership for 21st Century Skills
Incorporating 21st Century Skills in the Classroom - by Melanie Wiscount
The Visual Interactive of Bloom's Web 2.0 Tools - VisualBlooms wiki - Wow!
Media Literacy - Aviary - let students create the media!

Engage Your Students

70 Ways to Engage Your Students - many of these strategies can be delivered through technology; by Teachers.Net Community
Digital Writing Prompts - inspire your students writing with media; by Creativity Prompt.com

Create Safe Visual Representations Online

MorphThing - morph two pictures together!
Voki - a talking avatar; also a great podcast creator!
BeFunky - cartoonize yourself
BlockHeads - a very safe profile picture; Create and then copy a printscreen into Paint; Crop in Picnik & save as .jpg file
Photo Avatar - create a unique effect with your picture
M&M - create a fun avatar! Create and then copy a printscreen into Paint; Crop in Picnik & save as .jpg file


Ten Tips for Personalized Learning Via Technology - by Grace Rubenstein
Differentiated Instruction - by The Lee's Summit R-7 School District; many, many resources
Ready, Set, What's Missing? - Success through Differentiation & Technology - by Annette Lamb

Word Walls

Using Word Clouds in Class - by Marisa Constantinides
48 Interesting Ways to Use Wordle in the Classroom - by Tom Barrett

Web 2.0 Tools for Learning-Focused Components

Interactive Dustbin - perfect for assessing prior knowledge for activation or assessment of what is learned; helps students organize information into categories; Look to the right for Classtools.net templates to use in the classroom. These are awesome!!!!


Kindergarten Learning Games
First Grade Learning Games
Second Grade Learning Games
Third Grade Learning Games
Fourth Grade Learning Games
Fifth Grade Learning Games


Shhh! The Students are Learning - Teachers in the Facilitator Role by Maria Knee
Create Scavenger Hunts, Virtual Field Trips, Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, instructional Gaming & Webquests - by Dr. Michael Ruffini, Bloomsburg University
How to Use Glogster - by Technology4Kids Wiki, Shelly Terrell
Google Earth How-to's - by Louise Maine
Google Docs How-to's by Louise Maine
Google Docs in the Classroom - by Melanie Wiscount
Digital Storytelling - by Melanie Wiscount
Creating Podcasts - by Melanie Wiscount
Virtual Field Trips - by Melanie Wiscount
Wikis - by Melanie Wiscount
Blogs - by Melanie Wiscount


Learning Focused Lesson Plan with Technology Template

Learning Focused Unit Plan: Decisions 1-7 Template

Training Session Presentation

Training Session Note Pages

Scriblink File to Print Out

Kerpoof Studio - Parental Consent Email


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PowerPoint Template ~ http://www.indezine.com/powerpoint/template/749.html

LFS and Technology Connections Educational Technology Training Evaluation Survey

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