Math & Technology in the Classroom

Date of training session: November 30, 2010 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. in PAHS Dell Lab 216 Math_tech_resize2.jpg
Session Description:
Math & Technology in the Classroom
Integrate technology into your math courses to reach, inspire, and motivate students to learn mathematical concepts the 21st century way. In this session you will learn about websites, online math tools, and math tutorials for you to add to your Moodle course or your class lesson. Offer your students digital opportunities to relearn and review outside of class, additionally helpful for the absent student.

Essential Questions:

  • Why should we make the effort to connect students to math through the technology integration?
  • How can technology be used in the math classroom to increase student conceptual understanding and performance?
  • What technology tools are specifically designed for the math classroom and instruction?
  • What technology tools could be used in the math classroom and instruction?

Using Technology in the Math Classroom:

Technology Adds to Students' Math Comprehension - by Maya T. Prabhu
Math Problem Solving Stories and Case Studies by David R. Wetzel
STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math - by SETDA, September 2008
Is Interactivity in Math Important? - by David Wees
Turning Math Word Problems into Math Video Problems - by David Wees
Making Math Fun - by David Wees
The Visualization of Mathematics: Towards a Mathematical Exploratorium - by Richard S. Palais
Using Visualization in Teaching Math - a six hour lesson by OpenLearn (UK)
Math Visualization: Using the Visual Cortex of the Brain to Learn Math Concepts - by Anna Marie Robertson
Math VIDS (video instructional development source) - providing structural language experiences to learn how to build strategy for mathematical understanding
Using Technology to Improve Student Achievement - by North Central Regional Educational Laboratory
Integrating Technology with Math - by cybrary man; full of math resources!!!
Create A Graph - by Kidzone
Teaching College Math - Careers in the Future - Mindmaps - MIPs (Math Instructional Practices) -Jing
Engage Students in Class with Active Learning - by Cengage
Math Sees a Future with Web 2.0 - "social math" by Joann Agnitti
Lending an Artistic Touch to Math - by findingDulcinea

Technology Tools for Specifically Designed for the Math Classroom and Instruction:

FlashCards ~
Aplusmath - design and print your own flashcards

Graphs ~
ChartTool - online graphs and charts
chartle - charts, maps, plots, and diagrams
Crappy Graphs - interactive graphs
Pie Color - create pie charts
Graph Jam - make your own graphs; upload your own media
Hohli Online Charts Maker - create your own charts
Download Graph Paper - many to choose from!
Sketchpad Sketches - really neat sketches for Algebra I, Algebra II, Middle School Math, Geometry, and more; by Educational Technological Consulting, LLC

Media & Interactives ~
Teacher's Domain: Media Designed for the Classroom and Professional Development - mathematics section complete with hundreds of media tools & interactives; will need to register to access the activities after an initial number of views.
**Khan Academy** - the best in video explanations, tops in teaching conceptual understanding - complete with videos on Developmental Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Pre-calculus, Calculus, Probability, Statistics, Geometry, Trigonometry, Brain Teasers, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra (Advanced)
Vector Math Tutorials for 3D Computer Graphics - by CCSU (Central Connecticut State University) Department of Computer Science; complete with vector lessons tutorial zip files at the bottom of the web page
Braining Camp - math interactives
Interactive Mathematics - by Murray Bourne, Singapore
Math Movies - by SquareCircle Z
Math Movies - by BrainPop
Math WWW Virtual Library - by Florida State University Mathematics
Mathematica - by Wolfram Research
Wolfram Alpha Computational Knowledge Engine - Algebra, physics, dates & times, unit & measures, and more!
Useful Tutorial for Teaching Long Division- by Hamons on
LinksLearning - fantastic math videos
Estimate - teach students estimation
Multiplication Quiz - idea for students 8-12 years of age
The Math Dude - quick and dirty tips for learning math
Educational Math Movies - for students K- grade 6
The Interactive Textbook for Pre-calculus A and B - by Clarkstown High School South (Teacher: Mr. George Engel); the content has been created by his students
Mathematical Animations - on Creative Commons
Virtual Dice - Create your own dice!
YAYMath Videos - videos on geometry, algebra I and algebra II
MathCats - "creative open-ended mathematical explorations
AAA Math - interactives for K-8 math
Futuristic Math Worksheets - a great idea to teach math using QR codes to reference to a tutorial on YouTube; by mrrobbo
Natural Math - "make math your own, so you can make your own math"
Math Games and Activities Created with PowerPoints - designed to be played online by
Explore Learning - interactive games and simulations; need to purchase after 30-day trial
Math Manipulatives - by ~ Computing Technology for Math Excellence
Roller Coaster Physics Simulation - by Erik Neumann
Working with Math Tiles - by Math Bits
Junior High Math Interactives - by Alberta Education
Identifying Variable Parts and Coefficients of Terms - by Dr. Carol J.V. Fisher (scroll to bottom for interactive)
Combining Like Terms Tutorial - by Bagatrix
Calc101 - by WebMathematica - certain parts cannot be accessed without a password, which you can purchase, however still many interactives you can try for free.
Algebra I Demonstrations - by Wolfram Web Resources
Algebasics - nice interactives with step-by-step computation
Math Interactives - by Annenberg Media
Math TV - basic math, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus videos
Math247 -wiki page with mathcasts, pencasts, and presentations by LFS
Tricki- a "repository of mathematical know-how"
Math Applets - by Learning Today; free teacher resources, however all offers propriety software demo
Teaching Time - by Pearson
Elementary Math 3 - "Under the Sea"
Primitives (numbers) Furbles (statistics) - by ~ mathematics and philosophy education
Discovery Education Math Homework Help - free teacher resources for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
Scholastic Online Activities & Interactive Learning

Software ~
GeoGebra - free math software; interactive graphics, algebra, and spreadsheet from elementary to university level
Conceptua Math - software that teaches fractions; propriety software
Real Math - Using Google Earth in the Math Classroom - by Thomas J. Petra
MathXpert - help with math software for all stakeholders

Online Calculators ~
Online Integrator - by Wolfram Mathematica
Online Calculator - by David Sumner
Basic Math Calculators - by iFigure
Julien Day & Civil Date Calculator - by Numerical Recipes Software
TravelMath - calculate the costs of traveling from one destination to another

Resources ~
C12 online textbooks for Math - with teacher's edition; algebra, geometry, & calculus; customizable, standards-aligned, free digital STEM textbooks
Using the Internet to Spice Up Your Math Class - by Maria Anderson; an interactive concept map full of math teacher resources!
Algebasics - excellent tutorial that shows students step-by-step how to solve algebra problems; promotes conceptual understanding
PurpleMath - complete with lessons, quizzes, online tutoring, worksheets, and more!
Illuminations: Resources for Teaching Math - complete with lessons, activities, and resources
Web Guide for Middle School Math - by findingDulcinea
NCTM Resources - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, complete with lesson plans, problems, and teaching tips
AlgebraHelp - complete with lessons, calculators, and worksheets
20 GoogleDocs Templates for Use in Science & Math Classrooms - by David R. Wetzel
Algebra: The Supplement - by Dan Meyer
EduTecher - click on Math on the left navigational slate which will result in many educational technology tools to use in the math classroom, by Adam S. Bellow
FREE (Federal Resources for Educational Excellence) - math resources for algebra, geometry, measurement, numbers & operations, data analysis, and other math
Mathematics Resources - K-5th grade; by the Allentown School District; this site is FULL of valuable information!
Cool Math - "math for ages 13-100!"; complete with lessons, dictionary, teacher resources and more!
The Math Forum - from Drexel University; algebra, geometry, discrete math, computing math, calculus, differential equations, and more! Teacher2Teacher
Writing Equations Live Binder - complete with many links complete with quizzes and game; by s1impl1fy on; from elementary math to calculus!
S1mpl1fy's Math Live Binders Shelf - many Live Binders on a variety of math lessons. Some titles: Two-Step Equations, Solutions by Factoring, & Polygons Review
Wiris on Moodle - log on as a guest to check out this resource for many math (Editor, CAS, and Quizzes)
iCoachMath - complete with many resources from elementary to high school math
Math Bits - high school and middle school teacher & students resources, games, and links; how-to's on how to use graphing calculators
Geometry for Middle School Teachers - full of files, projects, software links and tutorials
Math2 - math reference tables by David Manura; algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics and links galore (on right hand side)!
Manipula Math with Java - by IES
A Resource Guide to Algebra - by Crest Captial; many links to awesome resources!
S.O.S Math - algebra, trigonometry, calculus, matrix algebra, statistics, differential equations, complex variables, and mathematical tables
The Virtual Math Lab - by West Texas A & M University; beginning algebra, intermediate algebra, and college algebra
Geometry Center - by Geometry Technologies
Elementary Geometry Resources - by the Baltimore County Public Schools
Math Exercises - teaching conceptual understanding of math concepts; pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, pre- calculus, and statistics
Math is Fun - many resources for elementary and middle level math, plus games and worksheets
Math Goodies - games, worksheets, homework help, webquests, lessons, and more!
Zona Land Education - education in physics and mathematics
Math for Morons Like Us - by Oracle ThinkQuest Foundation
NetMBA - statistics explanations and visuals
FREE: Federal Resources for Educational Excellence - math resources from federal agencies
Teaching College Math - blog full of resources!
Cool Math Sites - hundreds of sites according to resource, level, and content area.

Graphical Organizers ~
Grades 4-8 - Southwest Georgia RESA, by Janna Beanblossom
Grades 9-12 - Southwest Georgia RESA, by Janna Beanblossom
Multi-width Graph Paper pdfs - by
Preschool-High School Math Worksheets - by
In the Classroom with PowerPoint - Math games and activities; after clicking on a game, scroll down under the screen pictures and find instructional strategies to use each game by MathBits
Fantastic Flexible Foldables - for math by Carol DeFreese

Games & Simulations ~
Fun4theBrain - for elementary students
Magna High Math Games - plus lessons, by prodigi
BrainPopJr. - for elementary students (K-3) & math movies
BrainPop - for secondary math students
Math Playground - for elementary and middle school students
Alien Angles - practice math with play
BBC Math Games Wheel - site also has handouts and teacher resources
iPlayMathGames - full of worksheets, interactives, games, and workbooks
FedVille - teach students how to save and watch interest make it grow
Game Classroom - math games K-6
FunBrain - math games
Teaching College Math Games - by Maria Anderson
e-Missions - online problem-solving interactive missions coming to the rescue of natural disaster; having students using math in the mission is crucial for success
Algebra Pinball - by Dr. Carol J.V. Fisher; need free MathPlayer software (download link available on this site) and PC
Math Nook - math games
Math Simulations - by techtrekkers; FULL of great simulations on physics, fractions, stock market, investing, Pythagorean Theorem, and more!
Brain Nook - math games for elementary students

Jingles ~
Multiplication Hip Hop for Kids - by times table raps up to 12's times table
Rockin' the Standards - music songs for learning

Visualizations ~
DPGraph - "dynamic photorealistic 3D graphing software for math and physics" by David Parker
The Art of Illusion - free 3D drawing, modeling, and rendering software
Google SketchUp - free software for 3D drawing and rendering
Visual Math - visual computation and visualization; this is propriety software, but very good in teaching conceptualization through visualization
Math Visualization by Bill the Lizard
Math Dances: Imitating Data Visualization Techniques through Dance - by infosthetics
MVS - mathematical visualization system; download free
Visual Math Learning - a great site to teach conceptual learning through visualization
Math, Physics, and Engineering Applets - teaching through visualization by Paul Falstad
Visualization of Mathematics - by the University of Minnesota's Math Department
Google Public Data Explorer Visualization Tool - students take their data and visualize the data for understanding, notice trends, patterns, to compare and contrast
Geometry Animations - by WebMathematica
Math Doodling - videos of math fun with paper and pencil

Brain Developers for Math ~
Brainology - K-high school help for students to develop brain thinking and logic for math; propriety software
Brain Metrix - brain exercises to "stretch and train your brain" for math thinking
Brain Teasers - by Internet4Classrooms
Play With Your Mind - just like you engage in fitness for your body, treat your brain to good thinking fitness

Interactive White Board Math Activities

Educational Math Stuff for Kids - full of Smartboard activities plus more by Marilyn Western
Inspirational Math PowerPoints - that can be used on interactive smartboards on Basic Algebra, Number Sense, Euclidean Plane Geometry, and Data Analysis by the Math Forum of the Goodwin College of Professional Studies
Teaching with Smartboard - by dkret3 ; look for Math Tools

Technology Tools that Work Well in the Math Classroom and Instruction:

Scriblink - collaborative white board
Google Docs Drawing - see my GoogleDocs wiki
Wall Wisher - post notes, answers, tips collaboratively for reference for all to see
Vocaroo - create podcasts easily on math tips or problem explanations
Live Binders - bookmarking all the relevant sites to a specific math topic
Mindomo - create concept maps
Inspiration - propriety software, but easy for young students in creating mind maps; Math tools

Outside the Classroom Mathematics Support:

Brainchild: Extended Learning for Higher Achievement - match the Achiever online assessment and instruction content to your state's math standards: Look at the Florida example of Brainchild FCAT
Dream Box Learning - personalized learning environment for learning math; K-3
MathScore - math practice and assessment online for students struggling with math; elementary to Algebra I; developed by MIT graduates
Figure This! - math challenges for the family

Math Tips for Students:

Ten Ways to Survive the Math Blues - by SquareCircle Z
How to Learn Math Formulas - by SquareCircle Z
How to Understand Math Formulas - by SquareCircle Z

Math Apps for Mobile Devices:

Telling Time
Math Flash Cards
Area Calculation Tool
Conversion Calculators
KidCalc 7 in 1 - for younger students
Project K-Nect - to help at-risk students with math
TicTacMath - by iPlayMathGames
iCoachMath - by Divum
Ten Top Math Apps for iPod -

Math Lessons:

Is Your Face Symmetrical? - by Kevin Cummins
Illustrated Learning Lessons - by Learning Links
Math IceBreaker - by Michael Kaechele
Info Graphics Math Lessons - K-12 lessons
Fantasy Basketball - by TIME, Judy Lambert, NC State University
Metrically Me - by TIME, Shelly Heath, NC State University
The Math Archives - lessons by the University of Tennessee
Combining Like Terms on Opposite Sides of the Equation - by Associated Content, Bridget Ilene Delaney
March Madness - by SPence
Seimens STEM Academy - Discovery Education - find lesson plans and resources for math, K-12 - math lessons K-12 with resources

Math Project-based Learning:

Math Projects - by CT4ME - Computing Technology for Math Excellence
Design of a Thrilling Roller Coaster - lesson and project by Patricia W. Hammer, Jessica A. King, and Steve Hammer; MathDL, The Mathematical Association of America

Math Curriculum:

Algebra I Curriculum - by Dr. Carol J.V. Fisher
Algebra II Topics - by Dr. Carol J.V. Fisher
Geometry Topics - by Dr. Carol J.V. Fisher
Dave's Short Trig Course - by David E. Joyce
Short Course on Complex Numbers - by David E. Joyce


Teach Science & Math Blog - by David R. Wetzel
100 Best Blogs for Classroom Teachers - scroll down to Science and Math
Larry Ferlazzo's The Best Math Websites For English Language Learners — 2007
Larry Ferlazzo's The Best Science & Math Sites — 2008
Larry Ferlozzo's The Best Science & Math Sites — 2009

Mathematical Testing:

NAEP Math - National Assessment for Educational Progress for math
OECD - Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) for math
PSSA - PA System of School Assessment mathematics resources

Mathematics Associations:

NCTM - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Training Session Resources:

Notes Pages:

Technology in the Math Classroom Professional Development Educational Technology Training Session Evaluation Survey


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