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Date of training session: November 9, 2010 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. in PAHS Dell Lab 216
Session Description:
Online Presentation Tools
Presentations is not just about PowerPoint anymore. There are many online tools to create new and interactive presentations for your students. Also, transform your PowerPoint presentations into web-based showcases of content, where students can comment and interact with your slides.

Essential Questions

  1. What makes a great presentation?
  2. What are new 21st century ways to present information to our millennial learners?

Presentations & Best Teaching Practices

Challenge-based Learning - by Jamie & Adam at Apple - Give Students an opportunity to present information outside the PowerPoint box!
Best Practices for Narrated Presentations - by Sydney Brown, Kerri Hiatt and Terry Workman, Extended Education and Outreach
7 Things You Should Know About VoiceThread by EDUCAUSE
VoiceThread in Education - a wiki providing tips for best practices using VoiceThread in the Classroom
Using VoiceThread for Digital Conversations - Digitally Speaking wiki by Bill Ferriter - complete with handouts, citation tips, media links, and more!!!
WallWisher - 105 Classroom Ideas! - found at Sean Banville's Blog
Prezi for the Win? Ten Top Tips to Make a Winning One - by the Wikiman
12 Tips for Creating Better Presentations - by Stephanie Krieger, Microsoft at Work
Using Handouts with your Presentation - by Nat Robinson, SlideRocket
Presentations with a Punch! - a Livebinder by mwedwards

Online Presentation Tools

Prezi - "create stunning presentations"
Zentation - combines videos and slides to create a spectacular multimedia presentation
Zoho Show - "create, edit, & share your presentations online"
VoiceThread - "collaboration made simple"
GoogleDocs Presentations Tool
SlideShare - "present yourself" - hosting presentations
WallWisher - "a new way to communicate"
280Slides - "presentations made easy"
picsviewr - create stimulating visual presentations
Educational Glogster - digital poster of information
MuseumBox -a display of different media for a rich multimedia presentation

PhotoPeach - photo slideshows to inspire and create rich digital prompts for writing, thinking, and & discussion
Animoto - animated presentations of information; free 30-second videos
SlideRocket - "reinvent presentations"
Xtranormal - animation in a quick minute; be a director of information in a fun manner for your millennial students
Vuvox - timeline-style presentations
Vcasmo - put photos and video together in a presentation
A Collection of Online Presentation Tools - by Cool Tools for Schools wiki, Lenva Shearing

Examples of 21st Century Presentations in the Classroom

Fourth Graders Study Plants in Collaboration with Pakistani Students - a VoiceThread collaboration example
Language Learners use VoiceThread to Practice Speaking - a VoiceThread with a narrator to help pronunciation of speech
VoiceThread Community Library - many examples of classroom VoiceThreads at all educational levels
24 Interesting Ways to Use VoiceThread in the Classroom - by Tom Barrett
Using VoiceThread as a Digital Portfolio by Teaching Sagittarian: Living to Learn

Media Resources for Presentations

My Media Collection on my Teacher Website
ImageCodr - HMTL code for Flickr images (please give attribution)
Cagle Cartoons - cartoons to add humor to subject matter (please give attribution)
MorgueFile - public domain images (please give attribution)
Wikimedia Commons - public domain images (please give attribution)
Free Sound and Music Clips for presentations

Fun Tools for 21st Century Presenters

TodaysMeet - Create a backchannel to collect information and feedback from the audience

Presentations Tips for Presenters

SHAPE - invisible body language - SHAPE = Slow + Hands + Audience + Posture + Eyes


Scoring Student Participation in Asynchronous Conversations (VoiceThread)
VoiceThread Scoring Sheet - by Bill Ferriter, Digitally Speaking wiki


VoiceThread Student Do's & Don'ts - by Bill Ferriter, Digitally Speaking wiki

VoiceThread - How to Give Attribution on Credits Slide - by Bill Ferriter, Digitally Speaking wiki

Resources for Professional Training Session


My Demonstration VoiceThread



Image -

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