Wikis in the Classroom

Date of training session: November 2, 2010 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. in PAHS Dell Lab 216
Session Description:
Wikis in the Classroom
A wiki is a specially designed web site that appears as a web document that people can view and edit through a web browser. Create content and have students add to your content, or let each student or student group create their own wiki page. Learn how to add text, hyperlinks, graphics, files, and widgets to your wiki. Also learn how to control and monitor the content added to wikis by students.wikisflatten.jpg

What is a Wiki?

Wiki Wiki bus at the Honolulu International Airport
This file is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0 License (cc-by-sa-2.0). In short: you are free to share and make derivative works of the file under the conditions that you appropriately attribute it, and that you distribute it under this or a similar cc-by-sa license.

Wiki definition on Wikipedia - the largest wiki on the Internet!
Ward Cunningham invented wikis in 1995.
How Wikis Work - from

Wiki Design Principles - Ward Cunningham's list of what makes a good wiki
Interaction Design - what design promotes successful and productive interaction
Wikispaces Blog - full of great tips and instructions on creating and maintaining your wiki on wikispaces
Wikispaces Help - How to Use Wikispaces Help Index
WikiMatrix - compare the wikis to see which one is best for you and what you want to do with it.

Seven Things You Should Know About Wikis - an article on the ups and downs of wikis by the Educause Learning Inititative
Wide Open Spaces: Wikis, Ready or Not - an article written by Brian Lamb (2004) in the EDUCAUSE Review, vol. 39, no. 5 (September/October 2004): 36–48.
Wiki Pedagogy - why wikis are a great tool in education!
Back to School with Wikis - an article by Christopher Dawson, ZD Net, August 2, 2010
Wiki Etiquette - learn the guidelines in creating and maintaining an effective wiki

Wikis for Educators

Netcipia wiki + blog in one place
Zoho office applications + wiki
Education in Wetpaint - wikis in education


Create a Voki - a talking avatar that gives your wiki the personal touch
Spell with Flickr - spell words using pictures that are stored on
Timeline - many timelines that can be embedded into a wiki
Widget Gallery - search through mini widgets
Widgetbox - a widget storehouse
Geovisite - a counter widget that also shows geo tracking
Who's Amung Us? - Who is on your website/wiki and where are they located?
ClustrMap - locate visitors to your wiki
divShare - add videos to your wiki with embedding code
embeditin - add media to your wiki with embedding code
embedanything - add media to your wiki with embedding code

Classroom Wiki Examples

Edublog 2007 Educational Wiki Winner & Nominated Sites:
Welker's Wikinomics - The Winner!!! - for students and teachers of economics
GoApes - AP Environmental Science wiki
Salute to Seuss - an online project for K-6
Horizon Project 2007 - a collaborative and global project
Mr. Lee's Math 12 Advanced Class - outcomes portfolio wiki for twelfth grade math

The 50 Greatest Rockers of all Time - a wiki created by 7th and 8th graders on the history of rock and roll music
Simple Machines - a wiki produced by Grade 7 students at Good News Lutheran School in Brisbane, Australia
Hawaiian Student Wiki - a wiki designed by North Carolina Middle School students
Student Wikis on Bluebird Houses Project - Middle School students create wikis
Wiki Animal Research - a project for elementary students at the Logan Elementary School
High School Online Collaborative Project - a very large collaboration of high school student writers
Learning Latin America - Kristan Hokanson's Upper Merion High School courses
Flat Classroom Project - a collaborative wiki project among seven schools
1000 and One Flat World Tales Project - collaborative writing among schools in Korea, Colorado, and Hawaii

Classroom Wikis:
Grade Level Wikis - provided by the Wissahickon School District, K-5
Web 2.0: Cool Tools for Schools - Wow! This is a find for any 21st century teacher!
Wikspaces Examples of Educational Wikis - here you will find many examples across levels and disciplines
Mrs. Crofut Wiki - Middle School English & Social Studies
3rd Grade Social Studies Wiki -
Mr. Moloney's Global History Wiki - 10th grade Global History high school wiki
Berkeley High School Wiki - student wikis as comments on a teacher-created topic wiki page
Village Wiki - wiki for the students of Village Elementary School in New York - wiki example on PBWiki
George Hall Elementary - wiki based on the grade level field trips - a wiki example on
GLHS Library - Grand Ledge High School library located in Michigan
Small Voice - a wiki for a Middle School Music Department for Neosho R5 School District in Missouri
Family Consumer Science page - from a wiki by the Upper Merion High School Library, King of Prussia, PA
Bishop Blogs - a Spanish wiki
Homestar Runner Wiki - another Spanish wiki
10-10-10 - Top 10 book lists for young readers
One House Schoolroom - a middle school classroom wiki
Civil War Project - become your own Civil War Hero

PA Classrooms for the Future Wiki - a wiki full of resources on specific disciplines where teachers are the students

Copyright Free Graphics & Media

Flickr with Creative Commons
My eCoach
Wikimedia Commons
Image Chef - create customized images!
Hexadecimal Color Chart - have students become artistic with formatting using hexadecimal color codes instead of the color wheel in wikispaces
divShare - add videos to your wiki with embedding code
embeditin - add media to your wiki with embedding code
embedanything - add media to your wiki with embedding code

Links to Help Build Wikis

Best Practices for your Classroom Wiki - this is a great resource to provide Do's and Don'ts with creating a classroom wiki
scribd - publish yourself online and upload files
Wiki Rubric

external image pdf.png rubric.pdf

Training Presentation & Handouts

Wikis in the Classroom

Wikis Notepage



Wikis in the Classroom Educational Technology Professional Development Session Evaluation Survey

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