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iMovie.jpgDate of training session: November 22, 2010 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. in PAHS Dell Lab 216
Session Description:
Create movies and videos using Apple's iMovie movie-editing software. Learn where to obtain copyright free, public domain media such as graphics, sound, music, and video. Learn how to plan, produce, publish, and promote your movies created using this software which is highly-conducive to rich media compilation and synchronization. Have students use their right-brain (creative, design hemisphere) to create, to inspire their left-brain (logical, analytical hemisphere) to think about and connect to your curricular content.

Essential Questions:

How do you use iMovie to create a video podcast?
Why should we as teachers include multimedia into our instruction and student learning?
How should we integrate video production in the curriculum in a way that is effective for our millennial learners?

Examples of Movies in the Classroom:

El CINE - movies created by international students
Educational Videos for the Classroom - every subject!
EduTube Videos - "the best educational videos on the web"
TeacherTube - find many videos teachers use in their classroom
Edutopia Video Picks - Edutopia has top video picks by week and month!
Google Videos search engine - find videos that connect to your curricular content
iMovie: The Magic of Digital Video - by Tod Mell; a rich resource! (scroll to bottom of web page for videos)

iMovie Tutorials:

Introduction to iMovie - by Apple; this is a good short video to help you create a video very quickly and simply
The Whole Video Series on iMovie - by Apple
How to Use iMovie'09 - by Apple
How to Use iMovie to Compress a Video - by CTER (Curriculum, Technology, & Education Reform) - College of Education
How to Create a Green Screen Movie in iMovie - by iClarified

iMovie Resources:

How to Save a iMovie Project to QuickTime - iSkySoft
Tips and Tricks for iMovie - by Ken Stone's Final Cut Pro website
iMovie Resources - by Edu4Kids- Educational Technology Teachers
iMovie & Apple Resources - Jim Heid, Macintosh Digital Hub
iMovie: The Magic of Digital Video - by Tod Mell; a rich resource!

Movies & Best Practices in the Classroom:

Teach the Process: Writer -> Director -> Editor -> Producer -> Promoter

Teach with Video Sample Student Handouts by Steven Katz; offers a commercial rubric, movie plan, storyboard, and a list of topic ideas
Creating Dance Videos Across the Curriculum - New York Times: The Learning Network ~ Teaching & Learning with the New York Times
Teachers Use Videos & Online Games to Bring Lessons to Life - by Amy Hetzner, JSOnline
Digital Video in Education - Great site by Dr. Scott Garrigan, one of my educational technology professor at Wilkes University on his mentalarcade site
Video Production - a Wonderful site about the good practices in producing a video; by Cyber College Internet Campus
Video Storytelling Guide - by Atomic Learning; "harness the power of visual communication"
iMovie in Teacher Education - by Randy Yerrick

iMovie Lesson Plans

iMovie In-service Lesson Plan with Handouts (click to view at bottom of pdf file) - by SISD Schools
iMovie Lesson Plan and More! - by Mario J. Minor; School of Education; University of Michigan
iMovie Lessons - by Utah Education Network: Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Could not find Lessons 3-6 Lesson 7 Lesson 8
Digital Storytelling with iMovie - by Utah Education Network
Research a Historical Figure - by Utah Education Network


iMovie Storyboard - by Utah Education Network

iMovie Rubric

iMovie Rubric - by Utah Education Network

Media Resources:

A Little Bit of Every Type of Media!
My Media Collection on my Teacher Website
Copyright Friendly & Copy-left Images & Sound for Students to Use in School Projects - always teach to give attribution to the person who created the work
Wiki Media Commons - public domain images, sounds, & videos -MY FAVORITE!!!!
Copyright or Copyleft wiki full of links for public domain & license for reuse files
Robin Good Listing
CogDogRoo StoryMedia - sites for media that is licensed or shared for permission to reuse; by Alan Levine; images, audio & video sites
30+ Places to Find Creative Commons Media
Best Sites to Find Images & Sounds for Student Projects by Mrs. Smoke
Kitzu - copyright-free pictures, movies, and music
Wikimedia Foundation - all the wikimedia sites
SearchEngineWatch - find audio, image, and video files with 22 different media search engine links; teach students about copyright and fair use; this site has both public domain and copyrighted works
Internet Archive - find audio, texts, or moving images file that are public domain


Moving Graphics

Music & Sound


Picture Editors

Music Editors

Web-friendly Color Codes

File Converters

  • Media Converter - convert your video, image, and audio files
  • ZamZar - another file converter for your video, image, and audio files; need an email address for the download links to be sent to you


DivShare - publish your videos for free!
Where to Upload Your Videos - by Movavi
Fliggio - create your own video site
UStream - free online live video streaming
Creating Podcasts - by Melanie Wiscount; more information about publishing & promoting your movies


Educational Podcasting - by Gary Stager, Support for Progressive Educators
Creating Podcasts - by Melanie Wiscount


Want Only a Segment of Your Video to Play? - by Louise Maine at TechTips
Video Lightbox - create a visual lightbox effect when you embed your movie onto your wiki, blog, or website
ZShare - a free hosting for your videos
Digital Video Storage Options - by University of Kentucky
JayCut - free video online editor
United Streaming - from Discovery Education; you will need to have an account to access the streaming video
Playing Videos in a Browser - HTML code to embed videos into your websites, by
How to Burn a DVD - by
Google Videos search engine - find videos that connect to your curricular content to import to an iMovie project as a clip
AOL Video search engine - find videos that connect to your curricular content to import to an iMovie project as a clip

Training Resources:

Media Zip File - complete with the multimedia (still graphics, movie graphics, sound, & music files; all public domain)

  • Still Graphic- public domain files - found on wikimedia commons
  • Moving Graphic - download roller coaster videos on this site
  • Sound File - public domain files - found on
  • Music File - public domain file - found on Jamendo

iMovie Presentation

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iMovie Notepages


PowerPoint Template:

iMovie Educational Technology Training Professional Development Session Evaluation Survey

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